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Our Mushrooms

Pleurote Bleu
Lion's Mane
Pleurote blanc
Cinnamon Caps
Pleurotes Roses
Pleurotes Jaunes
Pied Creux Sauvages

About Us

Maritime Gourmet Mushrooms Inc. founded in 2014 started as a pursuit of passion for sustainable and innovative farming practices. The cultivation of exotic mushrooms is both a challenge and an exciting endeavour. Located near Halifax, Nova Scotia we focus on cultivating the most unique and freshest exotic mushrooms available on the market today. We are grateful for the opportunity to pursue our dreams and provide fresh, healthy food for our community.



Great Village, Nova Scotia



Tel: 902-809-5253

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Pied Creux Sauvages

Un champignon local et sauvage, qui s’appelle Pied Creux pour une raison qui est évidente dans cette photo, son goût est délicieux avec une texture douce et butyreuse.