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Name:          Justin Floyd

Restaurant: Field Guide

                                                                                                2076 Gottingen Street, Halifax

Position:      Executive Chef


Dish:             Mushrooms in broth                       

Mushroom: Mixed mushrooms                    


Prep time:     20 minutes   

Cook time:     15 minutes

Serves:            2 People

Chef of the Month

 - 350 grams fresh mixed mushrooms

 - 1 large radish

 - 1 bok choy

 - Dried seaweed powder

 - Dried mushrooms

 - 1 small onion

 - 2 bay leaves

 - 1/4 of a leek

 - 1 garlic clove

 - Chilies to taste


Steep dried mushrooms, onion, garlic, bay leaves and leeks for 4 to 6 hours.

Strain and season to taste.

Preparation of the mushroom broth

Sauté the radish, mushrooms and fresh bok choy in a little bit of oil for 5 minutes.

Add broth and bring to heat. Stir gently.

When everything is mixed together, it's time to plate.

Top with dots of bok choy puree and dried seaweed powder.


Preparation of the dish

Preparation of fermented bok choy

Pack bok choy in a salt brine with garlic and chilies and ferment for up to one week.

Drain brine and puree.

Ingredients for broth

 - 4000 ml water

 - 300 grams shiitake mushroom stems

 - 400 grams oyster mushrooms stems

 - 10 stalks thyme

 - 273 grams carrot

 - 273 grams celery

 - 545 grams Spanish onion

 - 40 grams garlic

 - 0.2 gram bay leaf

 - 1 gram peppercorns

 - 150 ml canola oil

 - Salt to taste

For the soup

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