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Name:          Chris Kyprianou

Restaurant: Five Fishermen

                                                                                                     1740 Argyle Street, Halifax

Position:      Executive Chef


Dish:             Grilled salmon &                                               mushrooms in broth                       

Mushroom: Mixed mushrooms                    


Prep time:     30 minutes   

Cook time:     25 minutes

Serves:            2 People

Chef of the Month

 - 2 x 6 oz salmon                                         -   - 60 grams thinly sliced Brussels sprouts  

 - 60 grams shiitake mushrooms 

 - 40 grams oyster mushrooms

 - 60 grams artichoke pieces

 - 30 grams Spanish onion

 - 2 gloves sliced garlic

 - 60 grams sliced carrot                                   - 30 grams sliced fennel 

 - 40 ml canola oil                                             - Salt  

 - cracked black pepper

 - 10 mushroom dumplings

 - 360 ml mushroom broth


Preparation of the Salmon

Your salmon can be grilled, pan seared or cooked right in the broth. If cooked on the grill or pan searing, make sure you under cook it slightly, as the broth will continue to cook the meat.

Heat the BBQ to high heat (400F or higher).

Scrape the grill clean and lightly oil the treads with an oil-soaked paper towel.

Season the salmon to your liking with a touch of canola oil on it to prevent it from sticking to the grill. 

If serving with skin on, start by placing the skin on the grill. If not, always grill your presentation side first.

Once done, set the fish aside for adding to your soup.

In a high rimmer frying pan, sauté all your vegetables and mushrooms in canola oil on high heat. 

Once everything starts to brown, add the mushroom broth and reduce to a simmer.

Drop in your dumplings when the broth is almost ready.


Preparation of the Soup

Ingredients for broth

 - 4000 ml water

 - 300 grams shiitake mushroom stems

 - 400 grams oyster mushrooms stems

 - 10 stalks thyme

 - 273 grams carrot

 - 273 grams celery

 - 545 grams Spanish onion

 - 40 grams garlic

 - 0.2 gram bay leaf

 - 1 gram peppercorns

 - 150 ml canola oil

 - Salt to taste

For the soup

Using a large pot (enough space for 5 Liters of liquid), bring the pot to a high heat with canola oil.

Put all your ingredients except the water into the hot pan and stir to coat them with oil.

Let the vegetables turn slightly golden and then stir them.

When all the veggies have turned golden brown and start to turn to mush, add the water.

Bring the liquid to a boil and reduce to a simmer. The stock needs to go for about 30 minutes once it has come to a simmer.

If making larger batches it will take longer.

Check your seasoning to make sure it is right for you, then strain off the liquid to finish your soup.

Ingredients for dumplings

 - 10 sheets Wonton wrappers 5cm x 5cm

 - 100 grams  of finely chopped mushrooms

 - 4 grams of salt

 - 500 ml lukewarm water

 - 2000 ml boiling water

 - 30 ml canola oil

For the Dumplings

Lay out Wonton wrappers on a dry non-stick surface. 

Divide the chopped mushrooms in the center of each Wonton wrapper with a pinch of salt.

Wet the sheets with lukewarm water and fold the four corners inward.

Pinch the corners and gaps together with a light twist, making a bag shape.

Drop the dumplings into the water for 5-10 seconds to seal the outer layer.

Remove the dumplings and lightly coat them with canola oil and set them aside for the soup.

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