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Name:          Mackenzie Hepditch


Restaurant: EnVie A Vegan Kitchen

                                                                                                 5775 Charles St., Halifax


Position:      Head Chef


Dish:             Oyster Mushroom Coconut                        "Shrimp"


Mushroom:  Oyster Mushrooms


Prep time:     10 minutes   


Serves:            3 People


Cook time:     10 minutes

Chef of the Month

  • 1 lb of Oyster mushrooms

  • cornstarch

  • coconut flour

  • shredded coconut

  • sugar

  • sambal oelek


Step 1

Use three bowls to start. In one bowl you will need a cornstarch slurry (water and cornstarch).

Step 2

In the second bowl put coconut flour and in the third bowl you will need shredded coconut.

Step 3

Tear the oyster mushrooms into the desired size for your "shrimp".

Step 4

Starting with the first bowl dip the mushrooms into the cornstarch slurry. Then dip into the coconut flour followed by dipping it back into the slurry. Finally dip into the shredded coconut. Repeat this process until all of the oyster mushrooms are battered.

Step 5

Once all the mushrooms are battered place them into the deep fryer and fry until golden brown on both sides. 

Step 6

While mushrooms are frying you can use this time to make a sweet sambal sauce. Start by combining the following into a small pot - 2 cups of water, 1 cup of sugar, and 3tbsp sambal oelek 

Place the pot on medium heat and reduce by half. 

Finally, plate the mushrooms and enjoy!

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